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Awesome programmers and projects from Karlsruhe, Germany
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Awesome Karlsruhe, Germany Awesome

This is a list of awesome people and things in Karlsruhe, Germany. It is inspired by awesome. Currently, it includes the best programmers and projects. Watch this repo to get notified about changes, especially ranking changes.

Top 15 programmers in Karlsruhe, Germany

These are the 15 most influential programmers in Karlsruhe, Germany. The score (in parentheses) is computed by combining projects, followers, and other information.

  1. Matthias Pfefferle @pfefferle (20)
  2. Ben Scholzen @DASPRiD (19)
  3. Tim Roes @timroes (19)
  4. Jens Bissinger @bsingr (18)
  5. Daniel Mendler @minad (17)
  6. Jonas Haag @jonashaag (16)
  7. Samuel Groß @saelo (15)
  8. Simon Gog @simongog (14)
  9. Alexander Zeitler @AlexZeitler (14)
  10. Timo Bingmann @bingmann (14)
  11. Martin Thoma @MartinThoma (14)
  12. Michael Haitz @l0rdn1kk0n (14)
  13. Niklas Baumstark @niklasb (13)
  14. Timo Dörr @Dynalon (13)
  15. timo @timo (13)

You can find comprehensive statistics at the page for Karlsruhe, Germany at

5 most popular projects

These are the five most popular projects (by stars) from local developers:

  1. awesome-android (1137 ⭐️)
  2. mdwiki (1102 ⭐️)
  3. openwebicons (741 ⭐️)
  4. bjoern (678 ⭐️)
  5. moneta (576 ⭐️)

The link is taken from the repository description. If no link is provided there, the repository url is given.

Interesting Tech Companies

  • Blue Yonder - Predictive Analytics company with $75million funding
  • Ocedo - Software defined WAN
  • PTV Group - Software solutions and consulting services for traffic and transportation, mobility, and logistics


Help for Founders/Startups


Please create or edit to add own submissions. They will be inserted into the file with the next update. Feel free to create an issue if you have any questions.

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