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Simple domain forwarder -- redirects web requests based on URL in TXT record
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Two notable changes:

1. The software first checks for a TXT record, since technically, CNAME records may not have sibling resources.  Using the TXT record on the same hostname as a CNAME was causing problems on one known DNS provider (Amazon Route 53).

2. The path is only appended if the location contains two slashes.  Previously the path was always being appended, such that:

Given the location "", if the user went to "", the target would be "".

The location field should now be used as following:

location= -- if you want domfo to append the path automatically
location= -- if you want to hardcode a certain path
location= -- if you want to hardcode /
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Domain Forwarder

This is a simple web server that redirects requests to the location found in the TXT record for the domain in the host of the incoming request. There is no security, so if somebody knows the host/IP of your running domfo instance, they can use it to forward their domain.

Here's how you use it once it's running. Say it's running on port 80 at ... so if you want to use it to redirect your new domain "" to "", you set up two DNS records for

 * CNAME record to
 * TXT record with "location="
And you're done! Requests to will redirect to once DNS propagates. 
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