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Doc: Add tutorial about using VxWorks as uos

This patch adds tutorial about using VxWorks as guest.

Signed-off-by: Kaige Fu <>
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KaigeFu authored and dbkinder committed May 6, 2019
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.. _using_vxworks_as_uos:

Using VxWorks* as User OS

`VxWorks`_\* is a real-time proprietary OS designed for use in embedded systems requiring real-time, deterministic
performance. This tutorial describes how to run VxWorks as the User OS on the ACRN hypervisor.

.. note:: You'll need to be a WindRiver* customer and have purchased VxWorks to follow this tutorial.

Steps for Using VxWorks as User OS

#. Build VxWorks

Follow the `VxWorks Getting Started Guide <>`_
to setup the VxWorks development environment and build the VxWorks Image.

.. note::
The following kernel configuration should be **excluded**:

The following kernel configuration should be **included**:
* DRV_SIO_IA_NS16550

The following kernel configuration value should be **set**:

#. Build GRUB2 BootLoader Image

We use grub-2.02 as the bootloader of VxWorks in this tutorial; other versions may also work.

.. code-block:: none

$ curl | tar xJv
$ cd grub-2.02
$ ./
$ ./configure --with-platform=efi --target=x86_64
$ make
$ ./grub-mkimage -p /EFI/BOOT -d ./grub-core/ -O x86_64-efi -o grub_x86_64.efi \
boot efifwsetup efi_gop efinet efi_uga lsefimmap lsefi lsefisystab \
exfat fat multiboot2 multiboot terminal part_msdos part_gpt normal \
all_video aout configfile echo file fixvideo fshelp gfxterm gfxmenu \
gfxterm_background gfxterm_menu legacycfg video_bochs video_cirrus \
video_colors video_fb videoinfo video net tftp

This will build a ``grub_x86_64.efi`` image in the current directory.

#. Preparing the Boot Device

.. code-block:: none

$ dd if=/dev/zero of=VxWorks.img bs=1M count=35
$ mkfs.vfat -F 32 VxWorks.img
$ sudo mount `sudo losetup -f -P --show VxWorks.img` /mnt

Create the following directories.

.. code-block:: none

$ sudo mkdir -p /mnt/efi/boot
$ sudo mkdir -p /mnt/kernel

Copy ``vxWorks`` and ``grub_x86_64.efi``.

.. code-block:: none

$ sudo cp vxWorks /mnt/kernel/
$ sudo cp grub-2.02/grub_x86_64.efi /mnt/efi/boot/bootx64.efi

Create ``/mnt/efi/boot/grub.cfg`` containing the following:

.. code-block:: none

set default=0
set timeout=5

menuentry "VxWorks Guest" {
multiboot /kernel/vxWorks

Unmount the loopback device:

.. code-block:: none

$ sudo umount /mnt

You now have a virtual disk image with bootable VxWorks in ``VxWorks.img``.

#. Follow :ref:`getting-started-apl-nuc` to boot "The ACRN Service OS".

#. Boot VxWorks as User OS.

On the ACRN SOS, prepare a directory and populate it with VxWorks files.

.. code-block:: none

$ mkdir vxworks && cd vxworks
$ cp /usr/share/acrn/samples/nuc/ .
$ cp /usr/share/acrn/bios/OVMF.fd .

You will also need to copy the ``VxWorks.img`` created in the VxWorks build environment into directory
``vxworks`` (via, e.g. a USB stick or network).

Run the ```` script to launch VxWorks as Uos.

.. code-block:: none

$ sudo ./

Then VxWorks will boot up automatically. You will see the prompt.

.. code-block:: console

VxWorks 7 SMP 64-bit

Copyright 1984-2019 Wind River Systems, Inc.

Core Kernel version:
Build date: May 5 2019 21:40:28
Board: x86 Processor (ACPI_BOOT_OP) SMP/SMT
CPU Count: 1
OS Memory Size: ~1982MB
ED&R Policy Mode: Permanently Deployed

Adding 9315 symbols for standalone.


Finally, you can type ``help`` to check whether the VxWorks works well.

.. code-block:: console

-> help

help Print this list
dbgHelp Print debugger help info
edrHelp Print ED&R help info
ioHelp Print I/O utilities help info
nfsHelp Print nfs help info
netHelp Print network help info
rtpHelp Print process help info
spyHelp Print task histogrammer help info
timexHelp Print execution timer help info
h [n] Print (or set) shell history
i [task] Summary of tasks' TCBs
ti task Complete info on TCB for task
sp adr,args... Spawn a task, pri=100, opt=0x19, stk=20000
taskSpawn name,pri,opt,stk,adr,args... Spawn a task
tip "dev=device1#tag=tagStr1", "dev=device2#tag=tagStr2", ...
Connect to one or multiple serial lines
td task Delete a task
ts task Suspend a task
tr task Resume a task

Type <CR> to continue, Q<CR> or q<CR> to stop:

.. _VxWorks:

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