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Static repository of JClic projects

This is a single-page HTML5 application used to publish repositories of JClic projects. A big instance of jclic-repo is currently running at []

Built with Polymer 2.0 web components

How to check and build jclic-repo

jclic-repo uses Node.js modules encapsulated in npm packages. First of all, you must have Node.js (which includes 'npm' by default) installed on your system.

If you work with Debian/Ubuntu, it's convenient to replace the original node.js packages for those provided by NodeSource.

jclic-repo was developed with Node.js Version 6.10, packaged by NodeSource.

To update npm to the latest version, run:

sudo npm install -g npm

We also use Polymer CLI and Bower for package dependencies amd automation of building tasks. You must globally install these packages running:

sudo npm install -g bower polymer-cli

To install the remaining packages, just go to the project's root directory and run:

bower install

This will install the Polymer web components and other required packages into bower_components

The installation process can be long, so be patient.

You must set-up a JClic projects repository tree in /projects. There is a demo tree on the samples branch. Please checkout this branch on another directory and symlink dist/default/projects to it.

From jclic-repo, launch:

cd ..
git clone --branch samples --single-branch jclic-repo-samples
cd jclic-repo
ln -s ../jclic-repo/samples/projects .

To test the module and see the demo in your browser, just launch the test server running:

polymer serve

The main parameters of the application (like title, language and the location of the projects folder) are defined in main.json.

Another important file is projects.json. This file, usually placed at the root of the projects folder, contains a full list of the projects published on the repository and basic information (project's folder, title, authors, languages, icons, main file...) about them.

Every project folder must have a project.json file with a full description. See the samples branch for examples of project.json and projects.json files.

To build jclic-repo, just run:

polymer build

This will generate the final files, ready for production, into the dist/default folder. Note that the parameter index.path of main.json must point to a valid JClic repository folder.

Sponsors that make possible JClic

JClic.js is an open-source project sustained by XTEC, the Telematic Network of the Catalan Ministry of Education.

Checking the operation of JClic.js on different browsers and platforms is possible thanks to virtual machines provided by BrowserStack.

The production releases of JClic.js are smoothly distributed to the final users thanks to the JSDelivr network of servers.

All project files are also available through cdnjs, a very powerful content delivery service powered by Cloudflare.

We use Transifex as a platform to translate JClic.js into many languages. Please read if you want to contribute to the project creating a new translation or improving the existing ones.