Creating a slot using Resource Explorer

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This applies to both Web App and Function Apps.

Creating a slot

  • First, create a regular App using the Portal
  • Go to
  • Find your site in the tree or using the search box
  • In the json for the site, capture the location (e.g. 'North Central US') and the serverFarmId (long ARM resource name).
  • Under the site, click on the 'slots' node (you don't have any yet)
  • Click on the Create tab
  • Set the name to Staging (or whatever you want to call the slot)
  • Set both the location and the serverFarmId to the same values that you saw earlier
  • Click the PUT button at the top. You're done, you have a slot!


  • Go to your slot
  • Click on the Action tab
  • Go down to the slotswap button
  • Under targetSlot in the json, type 'production'
  • Click the slotswap button
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