Post Deployment Action Hooks

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A post deployment action hook is a script/executable that runs after the deployment has completed successfully as part of the default deployment script.

  • To add a post deployment action hook you simply need to place a script file (.bat, .cmd or .ps1) under site\deployments\tools\PostDeploymentActions.

  • The location of these scripts is set as a default setting which can be overwritten by updating the setting: SCM_POST_DEPLOYMENT_ACTIONS_PATH

    • absolute path
    • or relative path from D:\home\site\repository
  • You can add more than one script files, we'll run all scripts one by one.

  • A script which returns an error exit code (<>0) will fail the deployment and the next script will not be called.

  • The script will have the same environment variables as the deployment script.

  • Script file name (minus extension) will become title in deployment log

  • Pre-installed site extension (%ProgramFiles(x86)%\SiteExtensions) could also have post deployment scripts if below conditions are satisfied:

    • There is a "PostDeploymentActions" folder under the the root of the package
    • There is an environment variable {extension id}_EXTENSION_VERSION with value "latest" or {version}