Version history

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S62 (04/2017)

  • Compiled function apps deployment support
  • Support specifying a name to ZipController when downloading a directory
  • Remove support for old xproj Core projects
  • Linux changes

S61 (03/2017)

  • Logic app sync support
  • Function changes

S60 (02/2017)

  • Improved dotnet Core support
  • Linux fixes

S59 (10/2016)

  • Improve WebJob logging and watcher error handling
  • Dotnet Core Preview2/Preview3 support
  • Autoswap improvements
  • Linux fixes

S58 (08/2016)

  • Optimize startup assembly loading
  • Use nuget.exe 3.5 RTM
  • Editor improvements
  • Functions related fixes

S57 (07/2016)

  • Use nuget.exe 3.5.0-rc1

S56 (06/2016)

  • Changes to support ASP.NET Core GA
  • Remove support for pre-installed site extensions
  • More autoswap fixes

S55 (05/2016)

  • Use NuGet 3.5 beta 2
  • Autoswap fixes

S54 (04/2016)

  • Support ASP.NET Core RC2
  • Add initial Mono support (not yet complete)
  • Initial work to move up to newer git version
  • Update to latest semver to fix Node/npm version handling
  • Use newest nuget.exe beta to get ready for .NET Core RC2
  • More function changes

S53 (03/2016)

  • Yet more Azure Functions support :)

S52 (02/2016)

  • More Azure Functions support

S51 (01/2016)

  • Add initial Azure Functions support
  • Add support for multiple post deployment scripts
  • Add caching in /api/deployments API to improve perf when called repeatedly by portal
  • Make scheduled WebJobs available in Basic mode (used to be Standard+ only)
  • Make /deploy API support async (issue #1802)

S50 (12/2015)

  • Add new SCM_COMMIT_MESSAGE env variable available in deployment scripts
  • Fix some issues relating to auto-swap with continuous deployment
  • Fix site extension update issue
  • Move to a more recent version of the ACE editor

S49 (11/2015)

  • Make Kudu work better with ASP.NET 5 RC1
  • Add smarts to avoid touching web.config during deployment when it's not needed
  • Support ASP.NET 5 beta8

S48 (10/2015)

  • Add WebHooks support to WebJobs
  • Support ASP.NET 5 beta7
  • Display update percentage during file upload to Kudu Console
  • Added Ace editor help to Kudu Console

S47 (8/2015)

  • New profiling support
  • Add support for DNX based WebJobs
  • Add support for continuous WebJobs to handle http requests
  • Add support for deploying from VS Online
  • Add support for deploying from OneDrive
  • Change Kudu Console editor to use Ace
  • Change logger to be text based instead of XML, for big perf improvement
  • Adds the TriggeredJobFinished event to the WebHooks form
  • Support ASP.NET 5 beta6
  • Support Bitbucket Webhook 2.0 payload (git and public repo only)
  • Fix vfs/zip controller issue with paths that contain % characters
  • Add new Kudu icon!

S46 (6/2015)

  • Add support for scheduled WebJobs without using external scheduler (blog post)
  • Support ASP.NET 5 beta4
  • Add basic support for the Go language
  • Turn on libgit2sharp by default, and update it to latest

S45 (4/2015)

  • Support for WebJobs as an API app
  • Site extension fixes and optimizations
  • Make Kudu behave better when the disk is full
  • Remove gcdump support

S44 (3/2015)

  • Support ASP.NET 5 beta3
  • Fix GitLab payload support
  • Optimize site extension install/update to be idempotent and support async
  • Other site extension improvements for API app scenarios
  • Increase file browser max count from 100 to 200
  • Improved tracing

S43 (2/2015)

  • Add initial support for LibGit2Sharp (not on by default)
  • Add ARM support for WebJobs api
  • Add support for NuGet v3 site extension feeds
  • Kudu trace improvements

S42-QFE2 (12/30/2014)

  • Added support for deploying WebJobs when installing site extensions.

S42-QFE1 (12/09/2014)

  • Support a new inplace mode for WebJobs
  • Add support for ASP.NET 5 beta
  • Change Kudu tracing to create one file per request

S42 (11/14/2014)

  • Add in place mode for WebJobs
  • Change tracing to use one file per entry instead of a single trace.xml
  • Add better Python support
  • Add username to process info
  • Don't ask why it jumped from S30 to S42. The reasons are bizarre and uninteresting :)

S30 (10/27/2014)

  • Support for auto-swap in continuous deployment scenarios
  • Support passing feed url when installing site extensions
  • Handle copying over a DLL in use by trying to rename it first (relevant to NewRelic)

S29-QFE1 (9/29/2014)

  • Disable deployment with app setting SCM_DISABLE_DEPLOY_ON_PUSH
  • Gravatar support

S29 (9/18/2014)

  • New SITE_BITNESS environment variable

S28-QFE6 (9/10/2014)

  • Add initial support for ProjectK apps (aka ASP.NET vnext)
  • New feature to download custom deployment scripts
  • Upgrade Kudu to SignalR 2.x
  • Marking processes with scm and webjob labels in Process Explorer
  • Return LastModified header from /api/vfs API

S28-QFE5 (8/22/2014)

  • Temporary remedy for npm install failing when %APPDATA%\npm is not present
  • Fixed issue of reading xml files in Debug Console

S28-QFE4 (8/20/2014)

  • Add support for viewing process command line in process API and UI
  • Improve WebJobs error handling
  • Fixed deallock issue when OnLockAcquired throws exception

S28-QFE3 (8/15/2014)

  • Adding Environment Variables view to Process API and UI
  • Improving webjobs logging error handling
  • change (add) api for webjobs from jobs to * change (add) api for processes from api/diagnostics/processtoapi/process`.
  • Add httpErrors PassThrough to default Node config

S28-QFE2 (7/20/2014)

  • Enable commit-ish for generic deploy handler
  • Support copy-paste several lines to Debug console
  • Some visual changes for FileExplorer

S28-QFE1 (7/2/2014)

  • Cleanup index.lock for ScmVfs operations.
  • Use Newtonsoft instead of DataContract for Json output annotations.
  • Fixes for DebugConsole UI and autocomplete.

S28 (6/19/2014)

  • Fix small issue with site extensions API

S27-QFE4 (6/17/2014)

  • Add support for install.cmd/uninstall.cmd scripts in gallery Site Extensions
  • Add support for F# Web Applications (sample here)

S27-QFE3 (6/2/2014)

  • More Site Extension tweaks

S27-QFE2 (5/29/2014)

  • Misc Site Extension and other fixes

S27-QFE (5/8/2014)

  • Improve tab auto-complete behavior in Kudu console

S27 (5/6/2014)

  • Typescript 1.0 support
  • Added graceful shutdown support for WebJobs
  • Improve deployment logic when disconnecting from a repo and reconnecting to a different one
  • New logic to use the custom start script from package.json

S26-QFE2 (3/31/2014)

  • New Process Explorer UI
  • Webhooks support for triggered WebJobs (on run complete)

S26-QFE (3/22/2014)

  • Support dropping Zip files into Dev Console
  • New WebJobs dashboard for both SDK and non-SDK Jobs
  • Improve Site Extension Gallery UI
  • Add F# 3.1 support

S26 (3/10/2014)

  • Initial Preview of Site Extension Gallery

S25-QFE4 (2/28/2014)

  • Support new SCM_DISABLE_SUBMODULES=1 flag to turn off git submodule update
  • Add direct PowerShell support in the Debug Console
  • Add auto refresh support to the Debug Console tree view when files change

S25-QFE3 (2/11/2014)

  • Add support for PowerShell WebJobs
  • Add /logs/recent endpoint
  • Add add/remove APIs for WebJobs
  • Update to MVC5.1 and other newer packages
  • Switch from aspx to Razor pages

S25-QFE2 (1/30/2014)

  • Add support for TypeScript
  • Add Node v0.10.24 (and matching npm 1.3.21)
  • Fix Kudu Console drag and drop in newest Chrome

S25-QFE (1/16/2014)

  • New Web Jobs feature
  • Web hook payload now includes the site name (issue)
  • New Kudu Console mode is now default. Can move back to old one optionally
  • Correct npm version is put on the PATH (issue)
  • Lots of fixes

S25 (12/17/2013)

  • Support for deploying Console 'worker' apps
  • Made SqlCmd.exe available to deployment scripts
  • New API to return the list of available node/npm versions (
  • Process API now returns the list of open file handles for each process
  • Updated msysgit to version 1.8.4
  • Kudu now uses d:\home in Azure to refer to the site's files (instead of much longer folder)
  • New optional alpha version of the Kudu Console that works more interactively

S24.5 (11/21/2013)

  • Added .NET 4.5.1 SDK to help build 4.5.1 projects more cleanly. Note that the runtime is still 4.5

S24 (11/1/2013)

S23 (8/27/2013)




  • Add vstest support (including test frameworks: mstest, nunit and xunit)
  • Add support for F# sites
  • Add support for RIA sites
  • Add ability to override some deployment settings (e.g. SCM_BUILD_ARGS) using .deployment file



  • Add optional support for shallow clones (to save disk space) via SCM_USE_SHALLOW_CLONE setting
  • Add etag support to /deployments API to avoid getting data unless necessary
  • Improve progress reporting during deployment
  • Allow the root of the Kudu service to be used as an alternate git endpoint
  • Trim old deployments after reaching some limit
  • Several improvement and fixes to the diagnostic trace file

Perf improvements

  • Cache deployment script to avoid having to generate it each time
  • Use unbuffered input stream during git push operations
  • Removed some unnecessary operations when fetching from external git repository
  • Removed OData and DotNetZip dependencies, reducing memory usage

Key fixes (many more small fixes not listed)

  • Fixed issue that was causing some failures git pushing from Macs
  • Fixed several issues that were causing timeouts when pushing large repositories
  • Improved detection for processes that are waiting for user input
  • Improved recovery after a crash (previously git locks and unwanted git remotes would remain)
  • Added retry loop when fetching from external repos to deal with network reliability issues
  • Improved how Kudu detects if the git repository already exists


  • Add support for deploying from Dropbox
  • Add support for deploying Mercurial sites on Bitbucket and Codeplex
  • Switch to use script generator as default deployment logic
  • Add support for vfs REST API to access the file system
  • Add support for zip download/upload API
  • Improvements to Log streaming support
  • Automatically update git submodules
  • Support simple payload to force fetch and deploy
  • Add support for Codebase, GitlabHq and Kiln in Kudu (no portal UI though)
  • Switch Kudu to use .NET 4.5

Earlier releases

Sorry, this page was not maintained earlier. Ideally, we'd go back in fill this in, but probably won't :)

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