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Porvable's Proof-of-Identity Dapp + eWallet
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Provable's Proof-of-Identity Dapp + eWallet



NodeJS v5+

Yarn or NPM

Truffle v2.1.1


TestRPC v3.0.3

Ethereum-bridge v0.4.9 (included under bridge folder)


Ensure the above dependencies are met and installed on your local system.

For deployment and testing, run install using your favoured node package manager in the root directory

npm install

Truffle unit tests

Get an instance of testrpc running with the following parameters

testrpc -m test -a 50

Run ethereum-bridge with the following parameters

node bridge -a 49 --dev --disable-price

Finally, run the tests (note some of the sections will take several minutes to complete as they are waiting for callbacks to come in from Provable)

truffle test

Network deployment using Truffle

The contracts can be conveniently deployed on a supported Provable network, simply by having an unlocked account running on your local ethereum node instance. When you have a node running with open rpc access, simply run

truffle migrate --reset

For automatic compilation and deployment to the current network

Using ReactJS web-app

Yarn is the preferred and recommended package manager here, and the instructions will assume you're using that. NPM should work as well.

Change to one of the ui subdirectories

To run a local dev instance

yarn start

For production build

yarn install

yarn build


Before deploying to a realnet, ensure you change the oraclizeLib.sol to set the network automatically. Comment out L60 and Uncomment L63.

The WalletOracle and DigitalIdOracle contracts will need to be topped up with Ether as well, so the Provable calls can successfully be executed.

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