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Slic3r Prusa Edition Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.42.0-alpha7


This is a public alpha release, supporting HiDPI displays, improving SLA supports, and fixing bugs found in the Slic3r 1.42.0-alpha5 release. Please check the 1.42.0-alpha1 , 1.42.0-alpha3 and 1.42.0-alpha4 change logs for what is new in the 1.42 series.

New features

HiDPI support

  • Correct scaling on high resolution displays has been implemented for all platforms supported by the Slic3r PE. On Windows and Linux, the scaling is derived from the width of the default font. On OSX, the system takes care of scaling #1644 #1709 #1771 #1785 #1847 #1849.
  • A nanosvg library has been integrated to support resolution independent rendering of SVG vector images.
  • The Prusa3D print bed images are now rasterized into a high resolution texture from an SVG vector format. Based on the maximum texture size supported by the graphic card, print bed texture up to 8192x8192 is rasterized to look sharp at close up on large retina displays.
  • All the icons displayed by Slic3r are being redrawn by our artist into an SVG vector format to be resolution independent.

SLA improvements - User interface and Workflow

The support editor user interface received a significant update.

  • When the support editor tool is active, only a single object is displayed, therefore supports of the selected object are not occluded by the other objects.
  • Automatic support points are generated from the support editor dialog including the support structure and pad. In contrast to the previous versions, supports are generated first for the selected object, speeding up the workflow.
  • Support points are now editable by entering a "Manual editing" mode from the support editor dialog. In the "Manual editing" mode, the support structure and pad are hidden, showing just the support points. When leaving the "Manual editing" mode by accepting the changes, the support structure and pad are recalculated and shown on the screen.
  • The support editor now recognizes the following hot keys: A - Auto generate, M - enter "Manual editing" mode, Escape - leave the "Manual editing" mode while discarding changes, Enter - leave the "Manual editing" mode while accepting changes, Ctrl-A to select all support points inside the "Manual editing" mode.
  • Support points may now be selected with a rectangular selection tool while holding the Shift key.

SLA improvements - Automatic supports

  • Automatic SLA supports were reworked to take into account the force required to tear a layer off the bottom of the resin vat.
  • The SLA support tree generator was improved to not intersect or touch the object #1826.
  • The previous support generator was routing the support heads away from the object along the object's surface normal. This simple algorithm often lead to a collision with the object, and subsequently to a refusal of the support point. The improved algorithm now tries to find an alternate collision-free direction of the support head.
  • The SLA support generator was parallelized and optimized to run much faster.
  • The pad wall slope angle is now user configurable.
  • When slicing all the objects, the order of background processing steps was changed to calculate the supports and pad of all objects before running the rasterization steps to get a quicker preview of the supports and pad.

Other new features

  • We have now an accurate print time estimation for the SL1 printer.
  • The Configuration Wizard has been reworked to support an increasing number of Prusa3D printer models.
  • The FDM external fill pattern settings is now split to top / bottom patterns #475, #479, #1133, #1474, thanks @supermerill.
  • A new configuration value "slice_closing_radius" has been introduced to control the size of gaps and cracks to be closed inside a slice. See issues #520 #820 #1029 #1364 for the discussion why such a parameter is needed. Slic3r 1.41.3 has this value hard coded to 0.049, while 1.42.0 releases had this value hard coded to 0.001 leading to issues such as #1784. Starting with this release, the default value is reverted to the same value as in Slic3r 1.41.3.
  • Send to print host (OctoPrint, Duet, SL1): The upload path and "start print" checkbox are now persistent #1004 #1106 #1219 #1678.
  • Modifier meshes are now initially oriented parallel to the world coordinates, with the exception of a modifier attached to a rotated and non-uniformly scaled object.
  • Clicking on an object volume inside the 3D scene now selects the whole instance, while the selection of modifiers and support blockers / enforcers works as before. This change was made to avoid unintended misalignment of multi-part objects. If one wants to manipulate an object volume with mouse, he now has to select the volume from the side bar.

Bugs fixed:

User interface bug fixes

  • The in the 3D scene dialogs (implemented with the ImGUI library) now support keyboard input including copy/paste and cursor manipulation, which fixes the Z input field of the Cut dialog #1572 #1797.
  • The in the 3D scene dialogs are now localized by pre-rendering the required character glyphs based on the user language selected #1622.
  • Fixed an incorrect color being shown for a volume in the 3D view when using the "default" color #1745.
  • OSX specific: On startup after the Configuration Assistant or Preset update dialog was closed, the Preset selection combo boxes on Plater were not correctly initialized #1755.
  • OSX specific: Fixed crashes on an empty tool tip #1768.
  • Fixed incorrect camera size & position (regression issue introduced into 1.42.0-alpha5) #1772, #1793.
  • Fixed synchronization of the Simple / Advanced / Expert selector on the Plater and in the menu #1786.
  • Linux specific: The right click context menu was not opening reliably from the 3D scene #1788.
  • Entering just a decimal point into a numeric field is now considered to be a valid zero. Rotation values are converted to an interval of <0, 360 degrees) #1782.
  • Linux specific: The 3D view did not get a keyboard focus after Slic3r's main window was reactivated. A workaround for that wxWidgets bug was found #1789.
  • Negative values are now supported by the spin control. This fixes negative input for Ooze prevention #1800.
  • Print profile validation logic was fixed, where the background processing was receiving invalid data before UI validation, triggering an error message from the background processing simultaneously with the UI validation error message #1801.
  • Fixed dragging of an object or a modifier in case the camera is perpendicular to the print bed #1853.
  • Fixed a typo in Ukrainian translation of the menu 'Help' #1861.
  • Fixed rotation of an object instance from the side panel #1878.
  • Fixed unintentional camera rotation when clicking and dragging on toolbars.
  • OSX specific: Command-C no longer closes Firmware Updater and Configuration Assistant dialogs.
  • Fixed OpenGL assert on MESA OpenGL driver due to anisotropic texture filtering not being supported.

Firmware Updater bug fixes

Starting with Slic3r PE 1.40.0-beta, we support firmware uploading through the famous avrdude tool. Unfortunately integrating a command line tool into a multi platform GUI application such as Slic3r is not straightforward, so it took us time to smooth out some rough edges.

  • Serial port write timeouts were not handled correctly.
  • The serial port was not closed correctly in certain error situations, causing serial port errors on further firmware flashing attempts.
  • File name & text encoding problems on Windows: Files were not handled correctly if the file name or path contained localized characters. Also localized error messages were lost on non-English Windows in case the firmware upload failed.

Other bug fixes

  • Frequent crashes while cutting an object were solved by switching the cut triangulation library to a GLU tesselator developed by SGI in 1994. While the application should not crash anymore, the cut may not get triangulated properly if the model is broken #105 #1349 #1398 #1442 #1464.
  • SLA export produced incomplete .png files #1765.
  • Error handling of a missing Slic3r configuration directory was improved. Slic3r will not crash, but it will close gracefully #1778.
  • Fixed switching of a support blocker to an enforcer type and vice versa #1818.
  • Fixed insufficient accuracy of triangle mesh vertices exported into AMF and 3MF files, causing a model being marked as defective after re-opening #1863.
  • Fixed bug in the G-code preview of a multi-material print with a wipe tower, where the extrusion width was not shown correctly.
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