Utility for manipulating virtual disk images: VDI.
Latest commit 976df8a May 22, 2014 @przemoc Makefile.in: Fix terrible omission and handle broken LDFLAGS better.
The terrible omission was a lack of comma definition, leading to wrong
options passed to $(CCLD) when LDFLAGS is non-empty.

Broken LDFLAGS is the one assuming that LD=$(CC), thus implicitly adding
-Wl, in front of all linker's options (or one -Wl, in front and commas
instead of spaces). Sadly this is a common assumption, still a bad one.

Now vidma-git in AUR (Arch User Repository) should be buildable.

NOTE: In future Makefile.in will be updated to be closer to my latest
      "template" that I wrote for pecutils.


vidma - Virtual Disks Manipulator

vidma is a utility for manipulating virtual disk images. It can show basic information about the image or resize it. Resizing is done by in-place modification of a file holding the image or by creating modified copy of such file.

Supported formats

  • VDI - Virtual Disk Image
    Format introduced by VirtualBox and mostly used by VirtualBox. It has a few variants, but only two types, fixed and dynamic, are handled by vidma.


  • little-endian machine, e.g. x86, x86-64
  • Windows or POSIX OS, e.g. BSD, Linux, Mac OS X



If you find any bug, then please create a new issue in the project's GitHub page and describe the problem there, unless someone already did it before you.

Remember to provide following information:

  • What system do you have?
    (uname -a, lsb_release -drc)
  • What compiler do you use? (if you have built vidma manually)
    (cc -v)
  • What vidma version are you using?
    (first line of vidma output)
  • What have you done?
    (run history and check the commands used to compile and run vidma)
  • If problem regards corrupted image, then paste information about the original image and the one after failed modification.
    (vidma original_image_file, vidma modified_image_file)




  • alpha (works for me?)
    • 0.0.x
    • 0.1.x
    • 0.2.x
  • beta (works for you?)
    • 0.3.x
    • 0.4.x
  • release candidate (works for everyone?)
    • 0.5.x
  • ready (just works!)


Don't waste your time until vidma will be close to beta stage. I mean it.
I am aware of many shortcomings (some are listed in issues w/ todo label) and they will be eventually addressed (in no particular order).

I won't accept any pull request before releasing version 0.2.0. ;-)


Program is in ALPHA stage, therefore may be HARMFUL and UNSAFE!
You have been warned! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! NO WARRANTY!

To reduce possible damages of in-place operation ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR IMAGE or just do not use them at all.