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This is a Magic Wormhole client for Android and iOS.

Some current limitations:

  • Receiving directories are kept in zip form.
  • Send only supports sending a single file.

Installing the APK on Android

Available from the Play store:

Prebuilt APKs are provided with each release. You can install this to an android device that has developer mode enabled by running:

apk install wormhole-william.release.apk

Building for Android

In order to build this you will need a local install of the android SDK. Set the environment variable ANDROID_SDK_ROOT AND ANDROID_ROOT to the path of the android SDK. Currently this project is hard coded to use platform android-30 (in the make file), so you will need to have that installed (or edit the make file for whatever you have). You will also need a modern version of Go. Probably >= 1.16.

Run make and see what happens!

This project uses for its UI. It uses for the underlying wormhole implementation.


Currently iOS development is happening on the ios branch.

Video Demo

This demo was done as part of a larger talk on the development of Wormhole William Mobile and its use of Gio:

Wormhole William Mobile Demo


Receive 1

Receive 2

Send Text 1

Send Text 2

Send File