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Data about PSAS's 13th official flight.
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PSAS Launch 12

L-12 Mission Patch

L-12 was the 13th launch in Portland State Aerospace Society history. For a full program launch history see

Liftoff: July 19, 2015 11:17:11.45 Pacific Time

  • Motor: CTI N2501-W
  • GLOW: 34.0 kg

Photo Gallery

L-12 Objectives

Read the full debrief.

  1. Launch our LV2.3 airframe fall 2014
  2. Successful flight to at least 75% of projected altitude; recover all hardware intact.
  3. Telemetry
  • get data from:
    • Inertial sensors
    • Events (e.g., 'launch')
    • Commands
  • Record telemetry on rocket
  • Live stream to ground
  • Record on ground
  • Real time display on ground
  • Record on data creating device
  1. Ground Support
  • Remote, safe, digital ignition control
  • Effective recovery
    • Coordination between recovery teams and mission control
    • Know rocket location immediately after landing
    • Easy transportation back to flight line
  1. Experiments
  • Roll control
    • Documented algorithm and analysis
    • Include control data in telemetry
  • Record raw GPS RF environment to SD card
  • Digital Video
    • Downward facing camera:
      • Record locally
      • Live digital feed of camera to ground in integrated telemetry stream
      • Record on ground
      • Real time ground display
    • Outward facing camera
      • Record localy
      • Optionally stream to ground
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