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Epublib is a java library for reading/writing/manipulating epub files.

It consists of 2 parts: a core that reads/writes epub and a collection of tools. The tools contain an epub cleanup tool, a tool to create epubs from html files, a tool to create an epub from an uncompress html file. It also contains a swing-based epub viewer. Epublib viewer

The core runs both on android and a standard java environment. The tools run only on a standard java environment.

This means that reading/writing epub files works on Android.

Build status

  • Travis Build Status: Build Status

Command line examples

Set the author of an existing epub java -jar --in input.epub --out result.epub --author Tester,Joe

Set the cover image of an existing epub java -jar --in input.epub --out result.epub --cover-image my_cover.jpg

Creating an epub programmatically

package nl.siegmann.epublib.examples;

import nl.siegmann.epublib.domain.Author;
import nl.siegmann.epublib.domain.Book;
import nl.siegmann.epublib.domain.Metadata;
import nl.siegmann.epublib.domain.Resource;
import nl.siegmann.epublib.domain.TOCReference;

import nl.siegmann.epublib.epub.EpubWriter;
public class Translator {
  private static InputStream getResource( String path ) {
    return Translator.class.getResourceAsStream( path );

  private static Resource getResource( String path, String href ) {
    return new Resource( getResource( path ), href );

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    try {
      // Create new Book
      Book book = new Book();
      Metadata metadata = book.getMetadata();
      // Set the title
      metadata.addTitle("Epublib test book 1");
      // Add an Author
      metadata.addAuthor(new Author("Joe", "Tester"));
      // Set cover image
        getResource("/book1/test_cover.png", "cover.png") );
      // Add Chapter 1
        getResource("/book1/chapter1.html", "chapter1.html") );
      // Add css file
        getResource("/book1/book1.css", "book1.css") );
      // Add Chapter 2
      TOCReference chapter2 = book.addSection( "Second Chapter",
        getResource("/book1/chapter2.html", "chapter2.html") );
      // Add image used by Chapter 2
        getResource("/book1/flowers_320x240.jpg", "flowers.jpg"));
      // Add Chapter2, Section 1
      book.addSection(chapter2, "Chapter 2, section 1",
        getResource("/book1/chapter2_1.html", "chapter2_1.html"));
      // Add Chapter 3
        getResource("/book1/chapter3.html", "chapter3.html"));
      // Create EpubWriter
      EpubWriter epubWriter = new EpubWriter();
      // Write the Book as Epub
      epubWriter.write(book, new FileOutputStream("test1_book1.epub"));
    } catch (Exception e) {

Usage in Android

Add the following lines to your app module's build.gradle file:

    repositories {
        maven {
            url ''

    dependencies {
        implementation('nl.siegmann.epublib:epublib-core:4.0') {
            exclude group: 'org.slf4j'
            exclude group: 'xmlpull'
        implementation 'org.slf4j:slf4j-android:1.7.25'