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I have shown the spines in pages but what if the spine has a long data? How can i show them in pages?? I know there has been the same issue logged but i didnt get any help :( .

Ritika Mittal


The short answer is: by processing the text and cutting it into page-sized chunks.

Longer answer: this means you cannot directly display the text in a webview, but you have to process it first.

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By processing the text do you mean that i need to parse the whole xhtml spine and setting spans for each tag??


From your comments on another issue I understand you're using HtmlSpanner now.

This means you should already have a Spanned text, so now all you have to do is to take the right sub-string to leave you with exactly one page of text. My solution was to use a StaticLayout to measure how much text fits on the screen, and then put that sub-string in the TextView.

Take a look at this code to see what I mean, but be careful: it's GPL licenced:



I am also using staticLayout. But, My layout.getLineStart(topLine); and layout.getLineEnd(bottomLine) not working properly. It's giving topLine number+1 and bottomLine number +1 value :( I Have tried/searched lot but no luck. Could you please help me on this regard.

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