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This is the code repository for the Ostinato network packet crafter and traffic generator

Visit for demo video and details

Source License: GPLv3+ (see COPYING)

Author's note

I have been developing and maintaining Ostinato single-handedly for more than 12 years. And during this time I have grudgingly come around to the view that open source cannot survive and thrive without money. Mixing money with open-source is messy, but I don't see a way forward unless we as a community become open to the idea of talking about it and changing our culture so that money is no longer a bad word.

I sell binary licenses on to try and cover the costs of development. Please consider buying those - they are priced low enough that you can afford it or you could just as easily expense them to your organisation.

If you build Ostinato from source and find it useful, please donate to keep the lights on and sustain the project.

Read the Ostinato origin story.


Srivats P
Author, Ostinato