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IOT ESP8266 Fishtank Controller
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IOT ESP8266 Fishtank Controller

ESP8266 Powered Fishtank controller

Tested and developed on LoLin NodeMCU 1.0 ESP8266 Board

PLEASE NOTE: this software is licensed under the MIT license, but used librarys might use other licenses.

Simplified Schematics

alt text

The full fritzing schematic file can be downloaded here

Current Features

  • Measures Temperature from connected NTC 100k thermistor or i2c MLX IR Contactless Temp sensor
  • Controls connected FAN using PID PWM
  • Displays current Temperature and FAN speed on animated ajax gauges in Browser or on attached i2c Oled screen
  • Reads connected Ultrasonic Distance sensor to report on water level (WiP)
  • publishes sensor readings to a defined MQTT Server


Apart from Standart Libs we require the following:

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