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  1. phpQuery Public

    This is phpQuery, a PHP port of jQuery selectors, super useful for DOM traversal and functional testing. Originally by Tobiasz Cudnik, who released it on Google Code. We forked it because we need s…

    PHP 428 161

  2. Multiple file uploads, based on the BlueImp jQuery uploader. Makes it very easy to attach one or more files to whatever you're editing. It's also easy to present that list again on a later edit so …

    PHP 158 91

  3. mongo-dump-stream Public archive

    Pipe entire mongodb databases through the shell, or to a node stream. It's what you wanted mongodump to be.

    JavaScript 51 11

  4. node-netpbm scales and converts GIF, JPEG and PNG images asynchronously, without running out of memory, even if the original image is very large. It can also determine the image dimensions and type.

    JavaScript 50 5

  5. An Amazon S3 stream wrapper for PHP with full support for subdirectory trees, multiple protocol names and caching

    PHP 42 9

  6. Grunt Plugin for generating Dox

    JavaScript 40 14