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Branching Strategy

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This document attempts to capture the details of our branching strategy for Puppet Server. This information is up-to-date as of 2017-06-30.

Puppet Server Branches

Puppet Server has 3 branches which align with Puppet Enterprise and Ruby Puppet.

  • master For 5.x (or greater) development (Ruby Puppet future releases >= 5.0.0)
  • 5.0.x For 5.0.x development (Puppet 5.x platform, including Ruby Puppet 5.x+, Puppet Agent 5.x, PE 2017.3.x+)
  • 2.x For 2.7.x development (Ruby Puppet 4.6.x+, Puppet Agent 1.6.x+, PE 2017.1.x+)

Master and 5.x Series

The master and 5.x series is compatible with the Puppet 5.x platform.

2.x Series

The 2.x release series is compatible with Puppet 4.x as part of Puppet Collection 1 (PC1). The 2.1.0 and later releases are compatible with Puppet 3.x for remote agents only, and only Puppet 4.x satisfies the package dependency between Puppet Server and Puppet.

The 2.1.0 release included a URL compatibility layer that will allow Puppet 3.x agents to talk to Puppet Server 2.x. For more information, see

"Normal" branching workflow

Under normal circumstances, bugfix releases will be based off of the matching branch; for instance the 5.0.1 release will be based off of the 5.0.x branch, and potential 2.x releases will be based off of the 2.x branch. PRs should only be targeted at version specific branches if they are intended to go out in a z/bugfix release, and all code merged into version specific branchs should be merged up into the master branch at regular intervals.

Most PRs should normally be targeted at the master branch, which is where feature work will be going on for the next X/Y release.

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