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Bike Index Wordpress Widget

This widget provides a way to easily list bicycles that have been registered with on your own Wordpress site in manageable widget form.

Settings allow you to list bikes closest to you by geocoding off of your zipcode , and to either show a mix of non-stolen/stolen bikes or to show only stolen bikes, depending on your site's needs. It uses the API to quickly pull and display listings, and is CURL-dependent.

This widget is a great way to present a list of "stolen bicycles near you" to better serve your site visitors, and to help recover bikes with the Bike Index.

About Bike Index

The Bike Index is an open source bicycle registry that is out to save people the agony of bike theft. We work with countless partners like bike shops, bikers, pro-bike orgs and police departments to act as a clearinghouse for bike ownership and stolen bike information.

Through our stolen site - - we maintain an easily queryable database of stolen bikes - and work with people to chase their bikes down when they pop up on our radar. Along the way we do even more interesting things, like run the @isitstolen twitterbot - and help countless bike theft victims navigate their way around the horrible process of chasing bike thieves on Craigslist.

Follow us at @bikeindex or @stolenbikereg for more information.

About this widget:

This widget contains several settings:

Zipcode - what zipcode the widget should use to determine what "near you" means

Radius (mi) - how large of a search radius to search on, in miles

Maximum Bikes to Show: - the maximum number of bikes to be displayed in the widget

Show stolen only - shows only those bikes reported as STOLEN. Default settings are to show a mix of stolen and not stolen bikes, but checking this will show only bikes marked as STOLEN on


Questions: bryan at bikeindex dot org