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ChildBrowser iOS 6.x with Cordova 2.1.0: ChildBrowser.js broken #106

createthis opened this Issue · 8 comments

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ChildBrowser.js appears broken in the iOS branch. The symptom is that javascript execution halts when ChildBrowser.install() is called. I had to debug with weinre to see the javascript error. The problem manifests on this line:

window.plugins.childBrowser = new ChildBrowser();

Which, when run from the weinre console gives this error:

ReferenceError: Can't find variable: ChildBrowser

I'm not a javascript expert, but it seems to be a scoping issue. I don't personally use all of that fancy prototype jargon, so I can't help fix it, but I did find a workaround:

Workaround: Copy ChildBrowser.js from the iPhone directory. This one works fine.


Happen to Android as well.


I tried the Workaround with no luck: I get
Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'Application tried to present modally an active controller .'


nickopris, that's a different issue caused by async javascript. google for it.


I reverted to using the original file and I can call the child browser like this:
cordova.exec("ChildBrowserCommand.showWebPage", "" );


@nickopris please describe your workaround


@gorekee I am not using window.plugins.childBrowser = new ChildBrowser();
I just call it like I mentioned above. Just double checked a few minutes ago to make sure it works.

I have this in my html:

and this in process.js

function onDeviceReady()
cordova.exec("ChildBrowserCommand.showWebPage", "" );


Any updates on this issue? I can open ChildBrowser the first time but any other loads cause the error above.

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