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Companion R package for MOSAIC website
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MORSE: MOdelling tools for Reproduction and Survival data in Ecotoxicology

Companion R package for MOSAIC website

  • need Rtools 3.3 and last R version.


CRAN release version

CRAN version

Build status for development version

Build Status

Report a problem

Use the issue tracker to report a problem.

Compilation (for command-line users)

  • cd to source directory
  • Build from sources (creates vignette and archive) R CMD build .
  • Build and install R CMD INSTALL --build .
  • Check the package R CMD check --as-cran morse_X.X.X.tar.gz
  • Update package description/NAMESPACE
    • under the R interpreter: roxygen2::roxygenise(".")
  • Generate documentation
    • reference manual: R CMD Rd2pdf .
    • vignettes (using the R interpreter): devtools::document(roclets=c('rd', 'collate', 'namespace', 'vignette'))
  • Run unit tests
    • under the R interpreter: devtools::test()

Compilation (with RStudio)

  • need devtools, ROxygen2 v5.0.1 or higgher
  • RStudio builder configuration:
    • Project Options : enable Use devtools package... enable Generate documentation... ROxygen options...: all enable exept VignettesandSource and binary package build`
    • vignettes folder must contain only 3 files: biblio.bib modelling.Snw tutorial.Rmd
    • update Documentation (no vignette, only NAMESPACE and Rd) Document or Ctrl + Shift + D
    • check if the two folder inst and build were created.
    • build the source file : More : Build Source Package

Install the package from source

R: remove.packages("morse", lib="/Documents/R/R-X.X.X/library") R: install.packages("/Documents/morse_X.X.X.tar.gz", repos = NULL, type = "source") R: library("morse") R: ?morse


  • Build from sources: Build & Reload
  • Test: Build > More > Test package (Ctrl + Shift + T). Note that you must activate the option "Use devtools package functions if available" in Project Options > Build Tools.
  • Generate the documentation: Build & Reload or Build > More > Document (Ctrl + Shift + D)
  • Check the package with the stable and the devel version of R:
    • in Build > More > Configure Build Tools, add --as-cran in Check Package -- R CMD check additional options
    • Build > Check (Ctrl + Shift + E)
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