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Collection of Modules gathered across time and internets

Basically this will be a repository of modules that have been found on the internets across the time that for one reason or another would not be accepted to the trunk.

This pack is free (public github and all..) and released without warranty or license.

Modules can be put here until they are ready to be submitted to MSF as a pull request, or if the author wants to license their module in a certain way that prevents it from being in trunk, all are welcome here.

Something not working?

If you can code, submit a pull request, if you can't just descibe the issue to the best of your ability in a new "issue", or email me (mubix[at]hak5.org) if you don't want to have to create a Github account.

Other available Metasploit modules/scripts/plugins:

MetaSSH - SSH session type with routing and more -=> https://github.com/dirtyfilthy/metassh

MSFmap - Post-exploitation scanning plugin -=> http://code.google.com/p/msfmap/