Bug in usage of pip.FrozenRequirement.from_dist() ? #319

jedie opened this Issue Jul 13, 2011 · 1 comment

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I would like to build a list if installed packages in a virtualenv and would like to differentiate between editables and normal packages...

But this script identify all editables as normal packages:

import pip
from pip.util import get_installed_distributions

for dist in get_installed_distributions(local_only=True):
    req = pip.FrozenRequirement.from_dist(dist, dependency_links=[], find_tags=False)
    if req.editable:
        print "editable: %s" % req
        print "normal package: %s" % req

I call this script in a activated environment used pip v1.0.1


This issue can be closed, this now works correctly in 6.0.dev1 (with a minor update to the above code that get_installed_distributions is now in pip.utils, not pip.util).

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