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signal: UNIX signal handlers in clojure

This is just a bit of code I end up copying through-out my projects. This projects bring one macro and one function of interest:


Pull-in the following dependency:

  [spootnik/signal "0.2.1"]

The main signatures:

  • (on-signal signal handler): Execute handler (a function of one argument, the signal keyword).
  • (with-handler signal & body): Handle signal by calling the body of forms supplied.

A few additional signatures may come in handy:

  • (->signal signal): Convert a signal keyword or string to a sun.misc.Signal instance.
  • (signal->number signal): Show the number for a signal.
  • (signal->kw signal): Convert a sun.misc.Signal instance to a keyword.
  • (->handler f): Convert a function of one argument to a sun.misc.SignalHandler instance.

Using with component

Here's one way of hooking this up with a component system:

  (with-handler :term
    (info "caught SIGTERM, quitting.")
    (System/exit 0))

  (with-handler :hup
    (info "caught SIGHUP, reloading.")


Copyright © 2016 Pierre-Yves Ritschard