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Pyscripter is a feature-rich but lightweight Python IDE
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Art fix upper horizontal line in icon issue Nov 15, 2018
Components Removed SynHighlighterWeb from Project and updated ThirdParty depende… Dec 18, 2018
Help/Source Version 3.6 released Jan 12, 2019
Highlighters Consistent color themes for YAML highlighter. Jan 14, 2019
Install Version 3.6 released Jan 12, 2019
Lib Much faster Remote Engine using asynchronous Windows named pipes. Nov 18, 2018
Scripts No commit message Nov 30, 2008
Source UTF8ToWideString replaced with UTF8ToUnicodeString Mar 9, 2019
Styles PyScripter 3.3.0 released. Mar 21, 2018
dxgettext In order to have a more informative .po header in the translations: Feb 4, 2018
locale Pulled latest translations from Feb 28, 2019
.gitignore New feature - Work with remote files using SSH. Oct 5, 2018
Compilation Instructions.txt Moving development to Delhpi 10.3 Nov 28, 2018
Install.txt Update Install.txt Dec 20, 2018
LICENSE Create LICENSE Oct 21, 2017
PyScripterVersionInfo-x64.ini Version 3.6 released Jan 12, 2019
PyScripterVersionInfo.ini Version 3.6 released Jan 12, 2019

PyScripter is a free and open-source Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE) created with the ambition to become competitive in functionality with commercial Windows-based IDEs available for other languages.

Licence: MIT


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