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Python development support library (note: maintenance only)
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NOTE: this library is in maintenance mode and should not be used in new code.

The py lib is a Python development support library featuring the following tools and modules:

  • py.path: uniform local and svn path objects -> please use pathlib/pathlib2 instead
  • py.apipkg: explicit API control and lazy-importing -> please use the standalone package instead
  • py.iniconfig: easy parsing of .ini files -> please use the standalone package instead
  • py.code: dynamic code generation and introspection (deprecated, moved to pytest as a implementation detail).

NOTE: prior to the 1.4 release this distribution used to contain py.test which is now its own package, see

For questions and more information please visit

Bugs and issues:

Authors: Holger Krekel and others, 2004-2017

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