EuroPython 2017 Sprint on Bonobo

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There will be a Bonobo sprint on Saturday.

Here are a few things you can do here, and I'll be available for introduction, help, routing, assistance, ... anything (related... or not).

Ressources for the sprint

Bleeding edge install

To install the bleeding edge "develop" version, you can run:

$ pip install -e git+

To work on the source code, it's better to clone the repository and use an editable package:

$ git clone --branch develop
$ pip install --editable bonobo

What can you work on

First, anybody, any level is welcome. Don't think you do not have enough experience, that's just plain wrong. Beginners and very experienced python enthusiasts are much welcome, and of course anybody in between or outside of this scope.

First steps

Learning bonobo should take much less than 1 hour (and I'll help!). It's a very good opportunity to make contributions to the first steps documentation. There must be typos here, minor errors, maybe completely erroneous things (I hope not!). Let's go together through the tutorials and fix whatever is unclear or erroneous. Also, if you think there are missing parts, feel free to add!


Using the library for public or private use cases

Best way to learn, after the first steps, is to actually try out and implement something. There are a lot of learnings to take from various people using the lib, please ask for assistance on anything, it will help building the best ETL for modern python!

Features and bugs

There are a lot of open features and bugs. Some of them are explicitely flagged as "easy" (github tag) to allow easier spotting of good candidates. Feature code and bug fixes should include documentation and tests.


Other topics

Code is not the only thing important. Actually, it may be the least important of the important things. Helping with documentation, presentation, explaining, spotting mistakes, etc. is of very high value.

You can bring some topics that we did not layout yet, that would be usefull for your own use cases, and discuss what can we do together.

Another thing we're not good at (yet) is windows support. Bonobo actually works on windows, but console output and ansi escape sequences don't. If someone with the relevant material want to have a look, would be awesome!


  • Bonobo landing page contains default icons from the template, completely unrelated to what the paragraphs talk about. If a photoshop/sketch/gimp/illustrator/inkscape user wanted to think about it, that'd be great.

Contribution guide


  • @Parthiv20
  • @alekzvik
  • @alexmach77
  • @vit-
  • @carloca
  • @faic
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