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Python Conferences

Here is a list of Python Conferences around the World.

If you would like to add a conference, please submit a pull request.

If you are a conference organizer, we can give you direct access to the repository, but it is your responsibility to update your own event! The goal is to make it easier for speakers, instructors, sponsors to find your conference. Open an issue to get yourself added to the repo.

See also

File Format

Each CSV file is compatible with Google Calendar with additional optional fields.

Field Description Format Notes
Subject Event name Text required, used by Google Calendar
Start Date First day of event YYYY-MM-DD required, used by Google Calendar
End Date Last day of event YYYY-MM-DD used by Google Calendar
Location Location of the event Text used by Google Calendar
Country Country code ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
Venue Name of event venue Text e.g. "Oregon Convention Center"
Tutorial Deadline Last day for tutorial proposal submissions YYYY-MM-DD
Talk Deadline Last day for talk proposal submissions YYYY-MM-DD
Website URL Event website URL
Proposal URL Proposal information URL
Sponsorship URL Sponsorship information URL

Tests & Linting

There are tests to ensure that the files are written in the correct format

pip install -r linting/requirements.txt
python linting/


List of Python Conferences around the World




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