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PIL Flake8 fixes
Scripts Flake8 fixes
Tests Flake8 fixes
Tk Removed support for Tk versions earlier than 8.4
depends Update WebP from 0.4.1 to 0.4.3
docs In tutorial of pasting images, add to mask text.
libImaging Merge pull request #1278 from wiredfool/winbuild
winbuild Flake8 fixes
.coveragerc Don't exclude Windows code
.gitattributes Add git attributes file for *.ppm, fixes #92
.gitignore Activated MPO detection.
.landscape.yaml Set landscape max-line-length
.travis.yml Disabled Travis coverage scripts for nightly build
CHANGES.rst Update CHANGES.rst [CI skip] Wording [ci skip]
LICENSE Move LICENSE from docs to make it more explicit [CI skip] Added test for GimpPaletteFile
Makefile Set default makefile target
README.rst Added service argument to coveralls image URL [ci skip] Update AppVeyor build number
_imaging.c Only use fast rotate operations if the expand flag is in use or the i…
_imagingcms.c Fixed various typos
_imagingft.c Merge pull request #1247 from radarhere/freetype
_imagingmath.c Cleanup WS, courtesy of @Arfrever
_imagingmorph.c Fix segfault when importing _imagingmorph
_imagingtk.c Cleanup WS, courtesy of @Arfrever
_webp.c webp: better error checking when using Mux API
appveyor.yml Added Python 3.3 to AppVeyor Fix repo name in curl
decode.c Fixed typo
display.c Clean up defines and includes for Windows
encode.c Fixed various typos
map.c Clean up defines and includes for Windows Added missing future print imports and removed unnecessary imports
outline.c py3k: Remove ancient Python hacks
path.c Cleanup WS, courtesy of @Arfrever flake8
py3.h Update py3.h
requirements.txt Clean up Makefile and requirements.txt [ci skip] Adjusted selftest feature label to be in sync with setup Changed indentation to be consistent flake8
tox.ini Fixed tox test script path


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