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PIL Merge pull request #1465 from wiredfool/bug-iccprofile
Scripts Updated repository URL
Tests Merge pull request #1465 from wiredfool/bug-iccprofile
Tk Removed support for Tk versions earlier than 8.4
depends Update WebP from 0.4.1 to 0.4.3
docs Add Zenodo badge for #1322 [ci skip]
libImaging Don't use int to handle type
winbuild Updated freetype to 2.6.1
.coveragerc Don't exclude Windows code
.gitattributes Add git attributes file for *.ppm, fixes #92
.gitignore Activated MPO detection.
.landscape.yaml Set landscape max-line-length
.travis.yml Install Sphinx; pushd/popd instead of cd
CHANGES.rst Update CHANGES.rst [CI skip] Move CI note to contributing
LICENSE Move LICENSE from docs to make it more explicit [CI skip] Added test for GimpPaletteFile
Makefile README fixes
README.rst Add Zenodo badge for #1322 [ci skip] Make file list more cut/pasteable [ci skip]
_imaging.c PEP440 [ci skip]
_imagingcms.c Fixed various typos
_imagingft.c Merge pull request #1247 from radarhere/freetype
_imagingmath.c Cleanup WS, courtesy of @Arfrever
_imagingmorph.c Fix segfault when importing _imagingmorph
_imagingtk.c Cleanup WS, courtesy of @Arfrever
_webp.c webp: better error checking when using Mux API
appveyor.yml 3.1 Dev versioning Fix repo name in curl
decode.c Fixed typo
display.c Don't use int to handle type
encode.c Reenabling failing/crashing tests, with fixes
map.c Clean up defines and includes for Windows Revert "Style changes"
outline.c py3k: Remove ancient Python hacks
path.c Cleanup WS, courtesy of @Arfrever flake8
py3.h Update py3.h
requirements.txt another release-test item Adjusted selftest feature label to be in sync with setup PEP 0440 compliance [ci skip] flake8
tox.ini Fixed tox test script path


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