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TVM integration into PyTorch
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Pytorch TVM Extension


Please note that this is a work in progress.


For improved performance, you'll need to build PyTorch on top of this PR:

cd pytorch
git fetch origin pull/20284/head:tvm_dev
git checkout tvm_dev
python install

Otherwise, install the latest Nightly build of PyTorch.

Then, build this repo

# Make sure the right llvm-config is in your PATH
python install


python test 


This package transparently hooks into PyTorch's JIT, so the same tooling is applicable (see @torch.jit.script, torch.jit.trace and graph_for). See below for an example.

import torch_tvm


# The following function will be compiled with TVM
def my_func(a, b, c):
    return a * b + c

To disable the JIT hooks, use torch_tvm.disable().

Code Layout

  • register.cpp: Sets up pybind bindings and invokes the registration of a TVM backend.
  • compiler.{h,cpp}: Main logic to compile a PyTorch JIT graph with TVM.
  • operators.{h,cpp}: Location of mapping from JIT IR to TVM operators.

TVM Integration


How do I configure TVM compilation?

All options are available as keyword arguments in the enable function exposed by torch_tvm. The optimization level, device type, device and host compilation targets are all exposed directly from TVM.


How do I register a new TVM operator?

First, ensure the operator is registered with Relay.

Then, register a map from PyTorch symbols to a Relay CallNode with RegisterTVMOperator. This can be done in any compilation unit provided it is linked into the final torch_tvm library. See torch_tvm/operators.cpp for examples.

RegisterTVMOperator reg_relu({
     [](Node* node, tvm::Array<tvm::relay::Expr> inputs) {
       auto op = tvm::relay::Op::Get("nn.relu");
       return tvm::relay::CallNode::make(op, inputs, tvm::Attrs(), {});

v0.1 Roadmap

Below, in order, is a prioritized list of tasks for this repository.

  • End to end build and runtime
  • Operator translation
    • Add
    • Multiply
    • Convolution
    • BatchNorm
    • Relu
    • AveragePool
    • MaxPool
    • Linear
    • Reshape
    • AdaptiveAveragePool
  • Tooling
    • Model coverage checks
    • Benchmarks for master
  • User exposed configurations
    • Backend selection (CPU/Cuda/OpenCL)
    • Optimization level
  • Custom TVM operator registration
    • Enable Python/C++ mechanism to use custom TVM operators and schedules
  • Bail-out mechanism
    • When TVM cannot compile a subgraph, invoke PyTorch JIT fallback

v0.2 Plan

  • View support
  • Zero copy set_input
  • Subsystem integration
    • Threadpool integration
    • Allocator integration
      • tvm/include/tvm/runtime/device_api.h
    • Distributed communication
  • Advanced IR integration
    • Control flow
    • Aliasing
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