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A Web GUI for irrwahn/svg2ass. Check it here:

Compiled to WASM using Emscripten. Uses SVGO to improve compatibility and to compress results.


This project includes code from:

Please open a issue or send a pull request if there is any issue regarding licensing.


If you wish to translate this tool to your language then fork this repository, create a copy of index.html with your language code, translate messages, replace the language code in <html lang>, add your language to lib\languages.html, then finally send a pull request.


Data is converted in browser and is not send to any servers. Application data is fetched from GitHub servers which receive usual request info related to fetching any webpage.

If required this project can be cloned and hosted in any web server. All source-code specific to this project is meant to be safe, respect user privacy and allow to be audited. Both lib/svg2ass.js and lib/svg2ass.wasm were compiled using Emscripten, so their code are not readable, but those can be still verified by doing the same build steps:

  1. Install make (if it's not already installed);
  2. Install Emscripten;
  3. Clone irrwahn/svg2ass;
  4. Replace the contents of Makefile with those of lib/Makefile;
  5. Run make.

Flags, used to identify languages, come from catamphetamine/country-flag-icons and are also loaded from GitHub servers. Those are released under MIT License.