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This is the Multi-Axis Temporal RElations for Start-points (i.e., MATRES) dataset, collected via the annotation scheme proposed in

    author = {Qiang Ning and Hao Wu and Dan Roth},
    title = {A Multi-Axis Annotation Scheme for Event Temporal Relations},
    booktitle = {ACL},
    month = {7},
    year = {2018},
    url = "",

The dataset is formatted as follows.

docid, verb1, verb2, eiid1, eiid2, relation

The eiids are the same with those in TempEval3. Although in the paper above we had only annotated TimeBank-Dense (36 documents), we later extended to the entire TempEval3 dataset. According to TempEval3, the dataset is split into three parts: TimeBank, AQUAINT, and Platinum, each of which has a separate file in this repo.

Note eiid is not eid. These two id numbers are sometimes inconsistent in TempEval3, so please make sure you're using eiid instead of eid.

A few remarks:

  • MATRES is only for verb events, so those nominal events in the original TempEval3 won't appear in MATRES.
  • In this repo, we only include relations among those events that are on the main-axis. Please refer to the paper for the definition of main-axis.
  • For other axes and relations, please refer to this readme file.


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