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Qlik Core Website


This repo contains sources to the Qlik Core end-user documentation.

Documentation is primarily represented as markdown files and images. Markdown files are organized in the same way as the generated site is organized.

MkDocs is used to generate and build the site. Currently the mkdocs-material theme is used but this shall be changes to a theme matches Qlik branding.

For the generated site, visit


To develop and contribute to the Qlik Core documentation, the following must be available on the local machine:

Serving the Site Locally

To generate and serve the site locally on a developer machine, use the Bash script, in the repository root:


This makes the generated site available locally.

Once the site is running locally, modifications to sources can be made and the local web server automatically updates. No re-build step is needed.

Building the Site

To build the site for deployment to some external web server, use the Bash script, in the repository root:


This builds the site contents in the site/ folder in the repository root. This folder is an entry in .gitignore to avoid undesired pending repo changes.

Linting the Documentation

For linting the documentation in this repository we use lint-condo, which contains a set of linters for linting a markdown file. The linting is part of the Circle CI pipeline, but can also be run locally


The linters that are enabled is configured in .lint-condo.yaml.