keyboard library for per-window keyboard layout
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kbdd - XKB daemon

Simple daemon and library to make per window layout using XKB (X KeyBoard Extension).


  • dbus interface
  • set layout group by its number
  • switch to the previous layout
  • kbdd supports only EWMH compatible systems, if you need support for others, please request


In order to build kbdd you need:
  • xorg header files with xkb support
  • glib header files
  • dbus-glib header files (optional)


Program uses autotools installation system, so installation can be done in next steps [1]:

./configure options
make install
Configuration options:
  • enable-debug - [default: disabled] adds additional debuging info
  • enable-dbus - [default: enabled] enable dbus support

If you use git version, you should generate installation files: you should use:

aclocal ; automake --add-missing ; autoreconf

and then proceed to ordinary installation. Of cause you should need to have autotools package installed

Running kbdd

To run kbdd you can just run /usr/bin/kbdd to use kbdd in daemon mode, or use /usr/bin/kbdd -n to run in verbose mode.

More info

You can go to kbdd Wiki to check usecases described.

Known bugs

Sometimes meta4 key lips in awesome, this bug was never reproduced anywere but on one host.


All bugs and issues can be posted to or sent to jabber: