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  1. dotNet-turbo dotNet-turbo Public

    Collection of useful classes for your .NET application (object pool, thread pool, async processing, queues, collections, multithreading primitives, etc.)

    C# 81 16

  2. performance-counters performance-counters Public

    Extremely useful library for collecting and tracking performance metrics in your .NET application

    C# 16 3

  3. pearl pearl Public

    Pearl Append only key-value blob storage on disk

    Rust 23 2

  4. bob bob Public

    Distributed BLOB storage

    Rust 25 2

  5. SharpHttpServer SharpHttpServer Public

    Simple HTTP server in C# based on System.Net.HttpListener

    C# 24 15

  6. SharpDashTools SharpDashTools Public

    MPEG-DASH tools in C#

    C# 24 7


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