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Beautiful Issue Card Printer

I've written a little bookmarklet for converting digital issues in a pretty card layout for printing.

So long Bengt


Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0)

It is free for personal and professional purpose.

You are not allowed to change or host this bookmarklet on your own.

You may fork this project to contribute.


go to Installation Site

Card Layout

Card Layout


Just select Issue(s) then run the Bookmarklet.

  • Internet Explore - Make sure to enable "Print Background Images and Colors"
  • File -> Page Setup -> Paper options -> Print Background Images and Colors

Marker to separate description into print and no print area ("~~~~~")

Select multiple issues

Jira Agile

holding STRG / CMD or SHIFT and click on issues

Jira Classic

just search for issues

read-only access Boards

select the columns by click on the title so they get highlighted

write access Boards

select a column by open the add new card input for specific column



  • Chrome Browsers 46+
  • Safari 9+.
  • Internet Explore 11+

Issue tracker


I make use of Google Analytics to get some usage feedback. I will only track the pageview and the amount of rendered cards I do and will not track anything else