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A simple re-implementation of Google's sparsehash as a learning excercise.
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What is it?

This is a simple reimplementation of Google's SparseHash library intended as both a learning and teaching excercise.

How do I use it?

Either copy ./include/simple_sparsehash.h and ./src/simple_sparsehash.c into your project and start using them, or:

    sudo make install

Then when you build your project just link to the shared library with -lsimple-sparsehash.


Just make && ./

Differences between the official version

  • Doesn't support many of the things that the official version does, like iterators, swapping, deletion, etc.
  • There are no 'default values' of sparse arrays. You access something that isn't real? You get NULL.

Eventual TODO

  • Store actual items in the arrays, not pointers to items.
  • Resize the table down when it reaches an inverse occupancy or something.
  • Store object size in the dictionary, so that we can make assumptions about array size. Right now it accepts any value, and is slightly slower due to not having any locality of reference, and having to jump to an extra location in memory. Maybe two different versions?
  • Be able to delete things from the hashtable
  • Refactor the get/set/rehash methods. They've got some really similar code.
  • Speed it up, it's currently pretty damn slow.
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