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fountain: drink deep from the spring of 4chan

Fountain is a streaming API server for 4chan, similar to the Twitter firehose. Fountain replicates 4chan through the official 4chan API, then exposes discrete events as Server-Sent-Events or whitespace-delimited JSON.

Among other things, you can use fountain to lurk every thread, stress test your browser's CSS 3D transforms, make use of your advanced 256-color virtual terminal, or you can just dump the stream into elasticsearch. Other more interesting uses could be machine learning/sentiment analysis, as well as live-updating thread watchers in userscripts.

If you're just interested in the API and not running fountain yourself, I host a publicly-accessible server at that streams /a/ and /g/. If you want to stream other boards or have heavy usage requirements, you can run also fountain locally or on your own server.

Fountain has been in development for the past couple months, and is currently in fairly rough condition code-wise; I'm releasing it in this state because I suspect moot is going to make an official version of "streaming 4chan" available soon, and I want to be able to say that I did it first.

However, despite the current state of the code, fountain is pretty feature complete and stable when running. Depending on what moot's new thing is and when it's released, I expect to clean up the code and finalize the API for a stable release in the next few weeks.


These examples will hit Change the host to localhost:3500 if you want to hit your local copy.


var es = new EventSource('');
es.addEventListener('new-posts', function (e) {
  var posts = JSON.parse(;

  posts.forEach(function (it) {
    var d = document.createElement('div');
    d.innerHTML =;

For more complete examples (written in LiveScript), check out the clients directory, or the hosted versions at

Command line

View the raw json stream:

curl --compressed -s

Prettify with jq:

curl --compressed -s |\
jq --unbuffered '.'

Stalk moot on /g/:

curl --compressed -s |\
jq --unbuffered 'select(.name and (.name == "moot"))'

View images on /a/ as ANSI art (requires img2txt from libcaca, and zsh for its temporary file process substitution =() syntax):

#!/usr/bin/env zsh


curl --compressed -s$BOARD/json |\
while read -r line; do
  if [[ -n "$line" ]]; then
    (jq -r 'select(.tim) | [.tim, (if .resto == 0 then .no else .resto end)]|@sh' <<< "$line") \
    | while read tim tno; do
      img2txt -W 80 -f utf8 -d fstein \
        =(curl -s$BOARD/thumbs/$tno/${tim}s.jpg);

The ANSI art demo is also hosted on for /a/ and 4848 for /g/:

nc 4747


  • GET /v1/<board-name>/stream
    • returns a text/event-stream with the following event types:
      • new-posts: data is a JSON-serialized array of posts as defined by the 4chan API. The OPs of new threads will be present in this event.
      • deleted-posts: data is a JSON-serialized array of strings identifying the no of deleted posts. Only individual post deletions will show up here. Posts of deleted threads will not be present in this stream
      • changed-posts: data is a JSON-serialized array of posts in 4chan API format. changed-posts events are emitted for events such as moderation, deleted images, or "USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST".
      • new-threads: data is a JSON-serialized array of threads in 4chan API format, i.e., thread-level data + a posts field which contains an array of posts, the first of which is the OP of the thread. Note that the OP will also be emitted in the new-posts event.
      • deleted-threads: data is a JSON-serialized array of strings identifying the no of deleted threads.
      • changed-threads: data is a JSON-serialized array of thread-level data for changed threads, e.g. stickiness changes.
      • If the query parameter catalog is set the true, one additional event will be emitted at the beginning of the stream called catalog, the data being a JSON-serialized hash of thread no to the 4chan API thread data for each active thread at the time of the request, as well as a the posts array containing only the OP of the thread.
      • Events--especially changed post events--are provided on a "best-effort" basis due the to inexact nature of 4chan replication. new-posts posts are usually ordered by no and most post deletions will be picked up, but there will be holes, especially if fountain loses network connectivity.
      • Last-Event-Id is currently ignored, so if your client disconnects, you will miss events. TODO fix this
    • GET /v1/<board-name>/json
      • returns a application/json+stream that emits a JSON-serialized post for each new-post event, separated by whitespace. Only new post events are emitted on this stream.

Server Operation

Fountain is an node.js-based HTTP server. Install the dependencies with

npm install

Then run with

npm start

By default, fountain will replicate and stream /a/ on port 3500. To change settings, set the appropriate environment variables:

BOARD="g" PORT="3600" npm start

Fountain takes about ~3 minutes to replicate an entire board's threads. After this "initial sync", fountain is able to keep in sync with 4chan with a median of 5 seconds latency between 4chan timestamp and emission of a new-post event.

Fountain runs unit tests on start time, so it'll spit out a whole bunch of output. Don't worry, it's running normally. TODO fix this

"Save file"

Fountain operates by holding an entire board in memory, i.e., it does not require a backing persistent database. However, if the process is killed, the memory state is lost. With the ~3 minute initial sync time, restarts are thus not as seamless as I'd like.

As a hack, fountain will dump its state to /tmp/org.hakase.fountain.<board-name>.json every 30 seconds, and upon receiving SIGINT or SIGPIPE before exiting. When starting, fountain attempts to read from the same file. This papers over most temporary hiccups as well as development restarts, while still not requiring a database server.


Phosphene is a companion server to fountain that proxies requests for thumbnails to get around 4chan's referer checks. The demos assume that phosphene is running on localhost:3700, which it will do by default:

npm run phosphene


Fountain's normal memory usage averages around 120M allocated and 60M resident set, mainly due to holding an entire 4chan board in memory.

Fountain logs to STDOUT with ANSI colors. Pipe through ts from moreutils if you want timestamped logging.

Fountain also spits out a whole bunch of metrics in StatsD format at localhost:8125 over UDP. If you care to run a StatsD server and a backend like graphite, you can collect some interesting data.


Fountain employs a similar polling strategy to Asagi, Foolz's board dumper. However, fountain achieves tighter sync latency by polling catalog.json, from which new posts can be found most of the time.

Fountain is written in a dataflow-like style using Bacon.js.

TODO elaborate


Development is coordinated through the Github repository:

Please submit bug reports and pull requests there.

moot Information

Fountain uses the User-Agent `Fountain/0.1.0' and respects the 1 req/s rate limit. pls no bully.