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kdb-flex-integration is an ActionScript library that allows Adobe Flex applications to interact with kdb+ (like or c.cs do). The idea behind this project is to be able to leverage UI capabilities of Flex in order to visualize historical and real time kdb+ data.

Calling q from ActionScript is very simple:

    var q:c=new c(host, port, user);
    q.ksync("select time, totvol, price from trade ...", this, "trades");

When response from kdb+ arrives, "trades" setter is called (note that Flex is an event-driven asynchronous environment):

    public function set trades(dict:Object):void {...}

Asynchronous call (response ignored):


Below are two sample applications that use as-q library.


QUI is a q learning tool that uses as-q library. It is a basic q shell combined with q idioms' code. Log at the bottom shows IPC messages. Code edit view is separate from results view, CTRL+SHIFT execute current line or selection from code view.

alt tag


Trade and quote application is another use case for as-q library. It allows user to drill down into taq database (hope it works with your table schema). I was amazed by responsiveness of this app, which shouldn't come as a surprise considering that there is nothing between Flex and kdb+ except TCP pipe sending raw data. No message queues, no application servers, no frameworks - just data:)

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