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Python simulator of a puny universe. (How many words can I stick into one?)
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Python simulator of a puny universe. (How many words can I stick into one?)

Punyverse Preview


To install, run pip install punyverse.

If you are on Windows, run punyverse_make_launcher. This should create special launchers that runs punyverse on your dedicated graphics card, should it exist.

Your graphics card might not support some of the larger textures used by punyverse, and so startup might fail. To solve this problem, run punyverse_small_images. It will do nothing if your graphics card supports all the textures, so when in doubt, run punyverse_small_images after installation.

Then, run punyverse to launch the simulator, or punyversew to launch without the console.


pip install punyverse
# Installation finished. Run:


If punyverse does not work, try upgrading your graphics card drivers.

If your graphics card does not appear to support OpenGL 3.3, then you cannot run the latest version of punyverse. You can try pip install -U punyverse==0.5 to install the last version of punyverse to support legacy devices. You can download the wheels manually from the PyPI page.

If the problem is unrelated to your graphics card, and it persists, try running punyverse under debug mode. To do this, run punyverse as punyverse --debug. Then paste the entirety of the output into a new GitHub issue here.

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