Online ordering application for small, local food buying groups.
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Natura (Latin for "Nature") is an online ordering system intended for use by small, local food buying groups.


  • Multiple, concurrent order cycles: Allows for different products to be ordered over different time periods (ex: A short order cycle for fresh produce, a longer order cycle for grains & meat)
  • Producer managed inventory: Producers can login & manage their own inventory
  • Automatic inventory control: Orders will decrement (or increment) inventory so there won't be orders for more inventory than is available.

Notable omissions

  • Natura does not have any integration with online payment (ie: via PayPal or Google Checkout). Due to the volatile nature of…well…nature, the items a person orders may or may not be in their order. As a result, groups using the system must handle payment at pickup day, to ensure members only pay for what they get.
  • There is no delivery route management - The group this software was initially written for only used one pickup point, so I didn't bother to include route management. It's not on the horizon, but also not out of the picture.