Java utility library that obtains country information from IP address
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leafdigital IpToCountry

Copyright 2010 Samuel Marshall

Released under GNU Public License v3 (see LICENSE)

This utility class obtains the country code from an IP4 address. It is based on
the database maintained at - note that they
request that, if you use it, you link back to them.

The class automatically downloads and updates the database for you. It contains
features to ensure that you don't accidentally break the download limits
that are in place at that site. 

See javadoc for class com.leafdigital.iptocountry.IpToCountry for more

Using binaries

If you just want to use this class, grab the binary jar files. 

There are two files: iptocountry.[version].jar and 

* You only need the main jar file (add it to your application) to use this
* The second jar file contains the javadoc documentation. If you add this
  in the 'attached javadoc' field for the library in an IDE such as Eclipse,
  your IDE will be able to automatically show the documentation for this class.

Build instructions

If you want to build this project, download the source using Git or the
GitHub download option.

Once you have downloaded the source, just change to the directory with this
file in and run 'ant'. The default build.xml file will build the project.

Examine build.xml if you want to change where it puts temporary data or the
resulting output files.

Repository information

In case you're not reading it there, the hosting site for this project is:

There you can do the following:

* Download the full source code (click the Download Source button or use Git).
* Download the latest binary version (click the Downloads tab).
* Report bugs or contribute improvements (click the Issues tab).