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QuickPerf is a testing library for Java to quickly evaluate and improve performance-related properties

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QuickPerf works with a JDK 1.7+.

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Use QuickPerf features

Annotation scopes

An annotation can have three scopes: global, class, method

Scope definitions
  • Global scope
    The annotation applies to each QuickPerf test.
    To configure global scope annotations, create a class implementing SpecifiableGlobalAnnotations interface in an org.quickperf package.
    CoreAnnotationBuilder, SqlAnnotationBuilder, and JvmAnnotationBuilderare available to help to build global scope annotations.
  • Class scope
    The annotation is on the test class. It overrides the configuration of the same annotation with global scope.
  • Test method scope
    The annotation is on the test method. It overrides the configuration of the same annotation with test class and global scopes.

💡 Examples illustrating how annotation scopes work


Heap allocation, profiling, ... N+1 select, JDBC batching disabled, ... Execution time, debugging, ...

How to

Frequently Asked questions

The answer to your question may be here.

Project examples

QuickPerf examples (JUnit 4, JUnit 5, TestNG, Hibernate, Spring, Spring Boot, Micronaut, Quarkus, ...)

Maven performance


👉  Core

👉  JVM

👉  SQL

👉  Scopes

👉  Create an annotation

Supported frameworks

👉  JUnit 4

👉  JUnit 5

👉  TestNG

👉  Spring

How to

👉  Detect and fix N+1 SELECT

Project examples

👉  Maven performance

👉  Spring Boot - JUnit 4

👉  Spring Boot - JUnit 5

👉  Micronaut Data - JUnit 5

👉  Micronaut - Spring - JUnit 5

👉  Quarkus - JUnit 5


👉  FAQ

👉  QuickPerf code

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