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QuickAppsCMS Official Documentation


Welcome to the official QuickApps CMS documentation. This manual assumes that you have a general understanding of PHP and a basic understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP) and CakePHP framework.

Build the Documentation Manually

Installing the needed Packages

  • Make
  • Python
  • Sphinx 1.4.5
  • PhpDomain for sphinx >= 0.2.0

You can install dependencies using:

pip install -r requirements.txt

To run the pip command, python-pip package must be previously installed.

Building the Documentation

After installing the required packages, you can build the documentation using make.

# Create all the HTML docs. Including all the languages.
make html

# Create just the English HTML docs.
make html-en

# Create all the EPUB (e-book) docs.
make epub

# Create just the English EPUB docs.
make epub-en

This will generate all the documentation in an HTML form. Other output such as 'htmlhelp' are not fully complete at this time.

Building PDF Book

Building the PDF is a non-trivial task.

  1. Install LaTeX - This varies by distribution/OS so refer to your package manager. You should install the full LaTeX package. The basic one requires many additional packages to be installed with tlmgr
  2. Run make latex-en
  3. Run make pdf-en

At this point the completed PDF should be in _build/latex/en/QuickAppsCMSBook.pdf


To contribute simply fork the official repository. Please make any totally new sections in a separate branch. This makes changes far easier to integrate later on.