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Link::C - Link C libraries into your Perl 6 program
Supports most functions of native types (int, char *, etc.)
No support for structs, but this can be added eventually.
Only works with Rakudo.


use Link::C;
Link::C::link <library_file header.h>;
my $result = C::my_function("arguments", 42);

OPTIONS:  (give to Link::C::link)

:link($match, ...)  (Default: *)
 - Link only functions whose names match $match.
    Useful if you're interested in only a small subset of a large library
	that would take a long time to process.
:skip($match, ...)
 - Do not link functions whose names match $match.
    This overrides :link.
:import($match, ...)
:import($match => $subst, ...)
 - Import functions into global namespace
    By default functions are put into the C:: namespace.  Using this option
    will import the functions whose names match $match, optionally replacing
    those parts of their name with $subst.  You can include namespace
    seperators in the string.  This is mainly so you can say:
     :import(/^SDL_/ => 'SDL::')
    or such, and call SDL::Init instead of C::SDL_Init.
    Using :import(*) will put all functions into the global namespace.
 - Print status messages to STDERR for the impatient.
 - Disable non-fatal warnings such as when caching fails.
:cache  (Default: True)
 - Cache the linking code.
 - Do not cache the linking code.
 - Use cache even if old.
    Use this if you don't want Link::C to regenerate the linking code every
    time your program is modified.  To force regeneration, delete both cache
    files manually or remove this option.


Copy the Link directory to wherever you keep your perl 6 libraries.


perl >= 5.10
gcc or cpp


Eventually, you will simply be able to say:
 use Link::C <library header.h>;
instead of:
 use Link::C;
 Link::C::link <library header.h>;
but this is not possible until custom imports are specced and implemented.

Due to Rakudo's speed, the first run-through of your program will take a bit of
time to generate and compile the linking code.  However, this code will be
cached at $yourprogram.linkc-cache.pm and $yourprogram.linkc-cache.pir.  Once
cached there will be minimal overhead.  For even shorter load times, do this:
 $ perl6 --target=pir Link/C.pm > Link/C.pir

Right now, Link::C::link can only be called once, because the cache would get
overwritten.  However, you can give all your libraries and headers to Link::C
at once, and it will automatically link each function to the right library.
This will probably be faster than doing it in multiple passes anyway.

Link::C assumes your library files are in ELF format.