Reply to BuddyPress items from the comfort of your email inbox. Currently in pre-release.
Latest commit ad7856c Jul 24, 2016 @r-a-y bbPress: Remove global variable stashing used to temporarily save top…
…ic and reply IDs.

This drops performance a tiny bit, but is more reliable in the long run as
we are sticking to bbPress internal functions.

See commit 606b526, effc363.

BuddyPress Reply By Email

BuddyPress Reply By Email is a plugin for BuddyPress that allows you to reply to various email notifications from the comfort of your email inbox.

You can reply to the following items from your inbox:

You can also create new group forum topics from your email inbox as well.

This plugin was developed for the CUNY Academic Commons. Licensed under the GPLv2 or later.

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Check out the wiki for up-to-date information.


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