Reply to BuddyPress items from the comfort of your email inbox. Currently in pre-release.
Latest commit f99df7d Feb 22, 2017 @r-a-y bbPress: Remove flood check.
For the flood check, bbPress takes the user's IP and uses the last posted
time from that IP address.  The problem with this is RBE will always use
the default IP address assigned by bbPress (, so it's quite
possible that conflicts will occur for users attempting to post via RBE.

This commit removes this bbPress feature.

Fixes #66.

BuddyPress Reply By Email

BuddyPress Reply By Email is a plugin for BuddyPress that allows you to reply to various email notifications from the comfort of your email inbox.

You can reply to the following items from your inbox:

You can also create new group forum topics from your email inbox as well.

This plugin was developed for the CUNY Academic Commons. Licensed under the GPLv2 or later.

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