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The goal of roxygen2md is to replace Rd syntax with Markdown in your package's roxygen2 documentation. Currently, the following substitutions are carried out:

  • \code{\link{...}} becomes [...()]
  • \code{\link[...]{...}} becomes [...::...()]
  • \code{...} becomes `...`

If necessary, DESCRIPTION is edited to enable Markdown in roxygen blocks. You'll need roxygen2 version 6.0.0 or later.

Call roxygen2md::roxygen2md() in your package's directory, or navigate to "Tools/Addins/Rd to Markdown" in RStudio.

More to come. The substitutions are not completely safe, please carefully examine the results!

Let me know if this works with your documentation.


Install from GitHub using

# install.packages("roxygen2")
# install.packages("remotes")


In your package directory, run


If you are using RStudio, simply choose the item "Rd to Markdown" from your "Addins" menu.

GPL-3 © Kirill Müller