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WCF/WBB Package Builder: This buildscript helps you creating WCF and WBB Pluginpackages.
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WCF/WBB Package Builder

  • This buildscript helps you creating WCF and WBB Pluginpackages.
  • Automaticly extracts the version and package name from package.xml.
  • Packs all necessary files to tar archives.
  • You must have installed and set up phing.


Copy the build.xml in your project folder. Be sure all your plugin relevant files are located under the "src" folder. Use your terminal to navigate to the directory with the build.xml and run the following commands:

$ phing prepare - Creates new build directory
$ phing init - Creates basic package structure (languages, tar, xml)
$ phing update-date - Updates the package creation date
$ phing build - Create new package
$ phing help - Displays the available options

Package structure:

Please use this folder structure:

|-- build                   # The build package will be saved here ([packagename]_v[version].tar[.gz])
|-- src
|   |-- languages           # Language-Files (*.xml)
|   |-- optionals           # optional Packages (*.tar | *.tar.gz)
|   |-- requirements        # required Packages (*.tar | *.tar.gz)
|   |-- sql                 # SQL-Files (*.sql)
|   |   |-- install.sql
|   |   `-- update.sql
|   |-- tar                 # All subfolders will be packed to [foldername].tar
|   |   |-- acptemplates
|   |   |-- files
|   |   |-- templates
|   |   `-- pip
|   |-- xml                 # Other XML-Files (*.xml)
|   `-- package.xml         # Plugin package.xml
`-- build.xml

Phing and Windows

To use this script you must have installed and set up phing. Download the latest version and extract it. Now add the \bin folder of phing (e.g. D:\phing-2.4.9\bin) to your PATH variable. Open the terminal and check if 'phing --help' works.


The MIT License (MIT)

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