Bindings of the r2 api for Valabind and friends
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radare2 language bindings for r2 api

This repository contains the native bindings generated with Valabind to use the radare2 APIs.

The r2pipe implementations has been moved into a separate repository.


This directory contains the code necessary to use the r2 api from your favourite language.

It supports a large list of programming languages:

  • Python, JavaScript, Java, Vala, Go, Ruby, Perl, Lua, NewLisp, Guile, OCaml

And some other experimental bindings are for:

  • GIR, C++, C#

This package also contains the vdoc/ subdirectory which contains the rules used to generate all interactive html documentation found at:


To build radare2-bindings from repository you need the following programs installed:

  • swig: enables support for python, perl, lua, java and many other
  • vala: if you want to have Vala or Genie bindings
  • valabind: required only in developer mode (not release tarball)

Release tarballs come with all the pregenerated .cxx files, so you have no extra dependencies apart from the language libraries and C++ compiler.

To get install all dependencies do the following steps in order:

  • Install swig and git from repository (ensure you don't have vala installed from package)

    arch$ sudo pacman -S swig git
    deb$ sudo apt install swig git
  • Install latest release of Vala from tarball

    ./configure --prefix=/usr
    sudo make install
  • Clone vala compiler from git repository:

    $ git clone git://
    $ cd vala
    $ sh --prefix=/usr
    $ make
    $ sudo make install
  • Fetch valabind from the repository:

    $ git clone git://
    $ cd valabind
    $ make
    $ sudo make install PREFIX=/usr

To keep bindings up-to-date

When changes are done in libr an ABI break can occur. The bindings will require to be recompiled to work again.

It's recommendable to keep your system always up to date, and upgrade vala and valabind from git/hg.

$ cd vala
$ git pull
$ make
$ sudo make install

$ cd ../valabind
$ git pull
$ make
$ sudo make install PREFIX=/usr


If you compile from the repo you need the latest version of valabind and then:

./configure --prefix=/usr

You can select the languages you want to compile with --enable={list-of-langs}

./configure --prefix=/usr --enable=python

Experimental radare2 bindgen


This script allows to generate native bindings for these languages directly from radare2 C headers:

More languages are planned, in particular:

  • Ruby - I wanted to use ffi-gen but it needs revival and update to the modern Ruby and Clang.
  • OCaml - needs to be written
  • Lua - maybe LuaAutoC can be used, I don't know.

Usage -o /tmp/r2bindings-output

The tool required radare2 to be installed and takes the include directory from the output of r2 -H


To select the version of python to compile for use the PYTHON_CONFIG environment variable as follows:

$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-devel
$ cd python
$ PYTHON_CONFIG=python2.7-config make
$ su -
# PYTHON_CONFIG=python2.7-config make install


The valabind integration forces us to do some changes in the r2 API.

These api changes are for:

  • Avoid keywords in function names

    Every language has its own keywords, r2api should try to workaround all those keywords to avoid collisions for bindings.

    Example: use, del, from, continue, etc..

    TODO: we need to review APIs, find better names for functions using those keywords, etc..

  • Review basic data structures

    Linked lists, hash tables, r_db, arrays, ... must be reviewed to fit with vala and swig basics to be able to use them with simple APIs or integrate them with the syntax sugar of the target language.

    Example: foreach (var foo in binls.get_symbols ()) { print ("%s 0x%08"PFMT64x"\n",, foo.offset); }

  • Unit testing

    Having bindings for python, perl, ruby, .. is good for unit testing because it hardly simplifies the way to test APIs, find bugs, ...

    TODO: write unit testing frameworks for perl, ruby, python, etc..

  • API unification for all languages

    All the previous development points are meant to reduce code in r2, avoid syntax exceptions, simplify api usage, and much moar ;)

SWIG is not complete, there are still so many bugs to fix and so many unimplemented stuff. Here's a list of the most anoying things of it:

  • unsigned char * : not implemented