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Python wrapper extension for C Whirlpool reference implementation.
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The Whirlpool algorithm is designed by Vincent Rijmen and Paulo S.L.M. Barreto. This is just a wrapper to the Whirlpool C reference implementation. The Whirlpool reference implementations are public domain, as is this code.

Wrapper written by James Cleveland with help from #python on

Wrapper extended to use the hashlib interface and ported to Python 3 by Olaf Conradi.


This is the same interface as provided by the other digest algorithms in Python's hashlib.

import whirlpool

wp ="My String")
hashed_string = wp.hexdigest()

wp.update("My Salt")
hashed_string = wp.hexdigest()

Starting with Python 3 text strings (as shown above) are stored as unicode. You need to specify the encoding of these strings before hashing.

wp ='utf-8'))

Strings that are marked as binary do not need encoding.

Deprecated usage

For backward compatibility the old interface remains available. From Python 3 onwards, the old interface is dropped.

import whirlpool

hashed_string = whirlpool.hash("My String")


This module is tested using Python 2.7 and Python 3.3.

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